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Ferron J. M. Bethell


Phone: 1.242.322.2670
Fax: 1.242.323.8914
E-mail: fbethell@hbslaw.com

Called to the Bar:

1985, Nassau, Bahamas


Appleby College, Oakville, Ontario, Canada; University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada

Areas of Practice:

Civil litigation; Commercial and Corporate litigation; Public and Administrative Law; Employment Law, Telecommunications Law; Construction Law, Negligence and Personal Injury Law; Insurance Law; Medical Malpractice and Professional Negligence; Property Disputes.

Professional Experience:

Following his pre-med course at the University of Western Ontario, Ferron determined on a career in the Law and entered into Articles of Clerkship at the firm of Dupuch & Turnquest, in Nassau. Ferron has the unique distinction of having served his Articles under the mentoring of Eugene Dupuch, Q.C., Sir Orville Turnquest Q.C. and Keith Duncombe, Q.C., the leaders of the Civil and Commercial Bar at the time. Ferron was made a Partner in 1988 and in 1990 joined Harry B. Sands & Company as Partner responsible for Litigation.

Ferron is an advocate with extensive trial experience, having honed his skills in his early years of practice by regular appearances before the employment arbitration tribunal. He frequently appears in the Court of Appeal of The Bahamas, the Supreme Court of The Bahamas in a wide range of litigation, and continues to appear before the Bahamas Industrial Tribunal insensitive employment matters. Ferron also acts for clients in private, binding Arbitrations and on final appeals to the Privy Council in London. In 2005, Ferron was elected to the prestigious International Academy of Trial Lawyers.

Employment Law:

In the Employment Law field Ferron represents some of the largest private employers in The Bahamas, including numerous resorts, hotels and business concerns. He is an advisor to the Bahamas Hotel Employers Association with respect to collective bargaining and industrial relations. Ferron has appeared in a multitude of employment law cases before Arbitration and Industrial Tribunals, and in numerous reported cases in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal. Employment law has always remained a cornerstone of his practice.

Negligence and Personal Injury Law:

As Ferron enjoys a broad client base, ranging from major insurance and pharmaceutical companies to resort and construction companies, he has been actively involved in a number of reported high profile negligence and personal injuries claims; some with values in the tens of millions.

Property Law:

During his years of practice, Ferron has been involved in a number of property disputes under the Quieting of Titles Act. He has acted for Petitioners and Adverse Claimants alike, and has been involved in litigation setting aside fraudulent Certificates of Title. Ferron has represented owners of exclusive island community homes in various disputes ranging from landlord and tenant disputes, breach of covenants, easement and rights of way, to seizure and foreclosure, and customs duty exemptions for hurricane relief.

Public and Administrative Law:

Ferron has engaged in litigation in this field of law representing Government agencies as well as private companies and individuals. His experience in this area of the law is wide ranging, and encompasses disputes in the areas of employment, gaming, licensing, telecommunications, cable television, collective bargaining, unionization, discrimination, aviation and aerodromes.

Commercial and Corporate Law:

In the commercial law field Ferron has been involved in several large tracing and asset recovery cases involving cross border claims and substantial amounts of money. Recently, Ferron was involved in a successful cross border, multi-jurisdictional claim where he represented the Central Bank of a South American country in a claim for fraud where damages were awarded by the Privy Council, the final Court of appeal for The Bahamas, in the amount of US$580 million.