Welcome to Harry B. Sands, Lobosky & Company

The renowned, leading law firm, Harry B. Sands, Lobosky and Company is one of the top law firms in The Bahamas and the elder among its peers tracing its origins to 1920.

The Firm’s excellent and weighty reputation is contradictory, some may say, to its compact size with just 4 partners at the helm; but today’s impressive client-list and prestigious case history is indicative of the heavyweight caliber of its partners, not the Firm’s size. This well-honed, wily and efficient law firm purposefully resisted the overtures and temptations of expansion during their nearly 100 years, preferring instead to grow their now enviable reputation.

The cornerstone of daily life at Harry B. Sands, Lobosky Law

The partners discovered early on, that staying small encouraged the development of a warmer, more meaningful and ultimately, more significant and enduring client relationship. A personalized approach was adopted which developed into an immersive bird’s eye view perspective for total engagement. They found that individualised service also brought results in the court room. The holistic approach for each case started with the client interview and knew no bounds a far as the self-imposed tenacity for relentless research and deadbolt strategy for the win. This attention to detail is notorious, well respected and feared by their adversaries, and has even shaped legislation.

Court room confidence, presence and case delivery has been developed through successive triumphant victories for their clients.  The Firm combines formidable strength and depth in its core practice areas of corporate, conveyancing and civil/commercial litigation, resort development with an emphasis on employment matters.  Stakeholder partners and well informed personable associates provide commercial, client-orientated specialist advice and representation.

Although famously formidable in all of its practice areas, they have an enviable winning track record in Employment Law and boast of significant accomplishments in Corporate and Real Estate Law.

Meeting the changing demands of modern legal practice, Harry B. Sands, Lobosky and Company has just six practicing members at the Bar each practicing exclusively in their chosen area of expertise.  Please use the drop down menus of this website to go directly to the area you need. Or contact us.